A beautiful day

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon as I write this.  Taking a short break for lunch (eggplant casserole, mustard greens and fried potatoes with onions and peppers–all from the farm) and a blog entry.

The big news of the morning is the addition of 7 new hens that I bought from a neighbor.  They’re black leghorns, which make great layers but are flighty and hard to keep calm.  Right now they’re cooling out in the henhouse.  I’ll open the door on their cage tonight and hopefully within a day or so they’ll be acclimated to the their new digs.  Of course we can’t hatch or brood chicks in the winter so these birds are young hens who have just started laying.  We’re happy to have them in the family, to replace the hens who were killed earlier this fall by stray hunting dogs.

I spent the morning in the woods sorta deer hunting.  I wasn’t really serious about it and didn’t try to shoot at the two I saw.  I love seeing the sunrise through the woods.  I was also fortunate to see blue birds, bluejays and a beautiful cardinal.

I also checked on all our goats and found them doing well.  That’s Nellie in the photo, enjoying the morning.  She’s the alpha nanny on our farm and she seems to appreciate the role.

Time to head back out into a beautiful day.  Feeling blessed to be able to experience it.

Love Wins