A Natural Rooster

A couple of weeks ago I killed a rooster.  Because they fight and are too hard on the hens if we have more than two, if a chick grows up to be a rooster, he eventually becomes food for us.

I’ve blogged often about how much I hate that part of farm life so I’ll spare y’all another post about how unpleasant it is to kill animals.  Instead I was thinking this morning about that bird’s life leading up to the day I killed him.

The rooster I killed was hatched on our farm, from an egg laid on our farm, which was fertilized by a rooster on our farm.  A healthy free-ranging hen sat on the clutch of eggs until they hatched.  We don’t own an incubator.
The rooster was a natural breed (Rhode Island Red), capable of reproducing.  It took him much longer than 10 weeks to reach maturity and when he did he didn’t have a grotesquely oversized breast.  He was free-ranging.  He ate a natural diet and was able to flap his wings and crow.  He will taste like chickens are supposed to taste.
These things are extremely rare on farms these days.
Love Wins