I was on an airplane once with someone from the breakfast cereal industry.  He was laughing about the fact that the box and packaging cost them more than the cereal in the box.  He thought it was particularly amusing that folks will pay more for a box of cereal than for a dozen eggs.  Although the company was making piles of money selling breakfast cereal, one of its biggest expenses was the money it has to pay to grocery stores to get optimum placement in the aisles.  All of this was like an epiphany to me.  I haven’t had a bite of any breakfast cereal in years now.

I’d prefer that we all swear off the stuff in favor of healthy breakfasts of real food. 

But for those of y’all who are still eating cereal for breakfast and are trying to get the best and healthiest cereal available, beware of bogus health claims.

The Cornucopia Institute has recently released the results of a study of cereals making claims to be organic.  You can find the results HERE.  As is typical these days, a lot of industrial stuff is being passed off as “organic” or “natural.”  This report will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Better yet, why not quit eating cereal for breakfast?  Find a local farmer and buy some naturally raised eggs.   Even better, get a few hens of your own.

Love Wins