Lotsa Kids

It was an exciting weekend here.   We had ten kids born on Saturday and Sunday–two sets of triplets and two sets of twins.  All healthy.

Rhiannon kidded first.  She had triplets–a male and two females we named Juanita and Charlotte.  Juanita is undersized but she was is healthy and nursing well.

Sunday afternoon we were just about to leave to take Will back to school when I decided to go look around the pasture and make sure all was well.  I found Wednesday kidding.   I noticed that Wendy was nearby and already had two kids standing.  We got Wendy and her kids (both males) to the barn and I helped Wednesday deliver her second kid (also both males).  We got her into a stall and left for Farmville.  By the time we returned Wendy had delivered a third, a female we named Emmylou.  It was only Wendy’s second time kidding and she’s delivered healthy triplets both times.

Then last night near bed time I though I heard Sheena making noises in the pasture.  I became concerned when I heard Joey barking and growling.  I grabbed a flashlight and ran out there and sure enough Sheena had delivered a kid and Joey was preventing her from coming to him.  Just as he did in December 2009, the first time Sheena kidded, Joey had torn her ears fighting her.  I have no idea why he reacts that way to Sheena kidding.  He was completely indifferent to the other nannies and their kids.  Peyton, Cherie and I got Sheena to the barn and she delivered another male there.

So we had a nice surge in our goat population.  And we still have more set to kid soon.

Good times.

Postscript:  Suzy had triplets last night.  A male and two females (Roxanne and Lucinda).  So that’s 13 new kids since Saturday afternoon.

Love Wins