A Day of Thanksgiving

A little over a year ago, just a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, my Grandpa passed away.  Even though his death was not unexpected, his loss cast some sadness over our Thanksgiving celebration.

Today our family will gather as usual for our annual feast.  This year we’re having it at Grandpa’s house.  The house is vacant now, but my mother and her sister have been taking care of it.  Gathering there, as we did for so many years, will give us all a chance to remember all the good times and great meals we have shared there. 

I miss the days when most of the family would be at Grandpa and Granny’s house for Sunday dinner every week.  Now we come together too infrequently.

My grandparents were honest, virtuous and hardworking people.  They tried to pass those traits down to their children and grandchildren.  I hope that at least some of the life lessons they taught have shaped me in some way.  Where they have, they deserve credit.  Where they have not, they deserve no blame.

Mostly today I am thankful for a life full of blessings.  And thankful for being part of a very good place.

Love Wins