Goats are herd animals.  They get frightened and panicky if separated from the herd. 

But our goat Judy is different.  For the past two years she seems to prefer to go her own way and to do her own thing.  When all the other goats are out in the pasture grazing, she often can be found lounging in a barn stall.  When the rest of the herd is in the north part of the pasture, Judy may be all alone in the south. 

Judy marches to the beat of a different drum. 

I’ve written before about how Judy joined our herd (HERE).  Since then she’s given us four excellent kids, two of whom (Ramona and Sharona) we still have.  She’s always an extraordinarily gentle goat, who loves to be petted.

I have no idea how old Judy is and when her odd behavior began I assumed it meant she was nearing the end of her life.  I half expected to find her dead in the pasture any day.   Two years later I still have no idea how old she is, but I’ve come to conclude that her behavior is a more a personality trait than a sign of old age.

Judy is due to kid this fall.  But she may not be pregnant.  She had no more enthusiasm for Johnny than she has for her female friends.  The last time she was due to kid nothing happened.  After five months I put her back in the breeding paddock and she kidded there.  Meaning she must have somehow gotten pregnant in the kidding paddock (either that or she is even stranger than it seems). 

If Judy kids I know they’ll be good kids.  But it’s just fine with us if she doesn’t.  And kids or no kids, she will never be culled.  We like having her around.

Love Wins