Small Family Farmer Conference

A couple of weeks ago Cherie and I attended the Small Family Farmer Conference sponsored by the Virginia State University School of Agriculture.  I came out of it with lots of inspiration, ideas and plans.  It was encouraging to be around so many folks who share our passion for the land and for sustainable agriculture.

Over the next few months I hope to begin acting on some of the things we learned. 

Every week in America 330 farmers leave their land.  It’s easy to make the case that small family farms are going extinct.

On the other hand, small farms (defined as those with less than $1,000/yer in revenue) are the fastest growing segment of agriculture and American consumers are increasingly preferring natural food grown the old-fashioned way.  They are increasingly demanding the healthiest and best tasting food–and that food is being grown by small family farmers, not by giant food corporations.

So there is hope.

But whether the cause is hopeless or not, we’re on board.

Love Wins