A Good Place

Yesterday I made the 7 1/2 hour drive to Wilmore, Kentucky for a class I’m taking over the weekend.  When I was near Hillsville, Virginia I needed coffee, so I pulled off at a little country store.  It reminded me of the country stores from my childhood.  There were a lot of old men in overalls sitting around talking.

I filled my cup and took it to the young woman behind the cash register.  I set the cup on the counter and took my money out of my pocket.  For a moment she looked puzzled, then she said, “There’s no charge.” 

Then it was my turn to look puzzled.  “No charge?” I asked her. 

“Coffee is free,” she said.

Have any of y’all been in a store lately where the coffee was free?  I doubt it.

I thanked her and as I was leaving I noticed that they also had a lending library in the store.

A country store where it’s OK to sit around talking, where the coffee is free, and where you can borrow books.  Not making the decisions that are going to maximize profits.  Just being neighborly.

Very cool.  I look forward to the day when there are more places like that.

Love Wins