They Might Be Giants

I sometimes wonder what the third world factory workers think when they’re making our clothes. 

The average male adult in the U.S. has a 40 inch waist and the average female’s waist size is 37 inches.  For a point of reference, in the 1950’s the average woman’s waist size was 27 inches–a full ten inches less than today.

But the ballooning of the “average” person is only part of the story.  Many folks today, men and women alike, have waists that are well over 40, 50 or even 60 inches.  Many have girths that exceed their heights. 

This fattening of America (thanks mostly to processed foods and idleness) takes a tremendous toll on our health of course.  The human skeletal system just wasn’t designed to haul around that much weight, especially if it is so inefficiently distributed. 

But back to the poor third world factory workers making our pants.  What must these folks, who couldn’t get enough food to get fat even if they wanted to, think of us?  They must look at the clothes they make and be utterly astonished that anyone could actually be that size.  Certainly the movies, TV shows and ads they see from America don’t show such people.  Ever seen a morbidly obese person in a fast food commercial?  On the other hand, can you get through a single day of life without seeing dozens of them?

Maybe the factory workers think we’re gluttonous freaks.  Maybe they think we’re so rich we can afford to lay around eating every day.

Maybe they think we’re giants.

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