Why It Matters

We end up casting a lot of pearls to swine, in a manner of speaking.  I often wonder if what we do here really matters.

So, in part to reassure or convince myself, I insist that it does matter.

It matters to us.  It means we’ll get to eat good food and we have the awesome privilege of being part of the process by which it is created.

It matters to all those who get to share in what is produced here.  They are beneficiaries of goodness, whether they appreciate that or not.

It matters to the farm.  As the healing process continues the farm’s vitality and beauty continue to increase.

We think self-reliance is important now.  Someday lots of folks may think that. 

So for as long as we can, we’ll keep growing food without poisons.  We’ll avoid off-farm inputs.  We’ll practice humane and sustainable husbandry.

And we’ll try to resist any temptation to think it doesn’t really matter.

Love Wins