A morning of goat wrangling

Yesterday morning was spent goat wrangling.  I trimmed Esmeralda’s hooves and moved her to the back pasture to be with our buck Johnny.  She’ll be due to kid again in March.

Esmeralda in transit. She was our first goat. That may be why she is so conceited.

I put an eartag on Norma Jean and moved her to the front pasture to wean.  In July she’ll be one year old and ready to be bred.  Then we’ll move her to Johnny’s pasture.

Norma Jean, sporting number 42

Norma Jean taking the leap

Wednesday, Sharona, Ramona, Sarah and Sheena all got hoof trimmings and we turned Ramona in with Johnny.  She didn’t get pregnant during her first tour of duty in his pasture but yesterday she seemed anxious to spend some time with him.  I’m expecting her to be fruitful, and to multiply.

Bonnie’s kid Alice also got her eartag and made the move to the front pasture to wean.  Bonnie still has a little buckling so I’m going to let him nurse another month before taking him to market.


A beautiful morning spent with some beautiful creatures.

Love Wins