Beauty and Beasts

 A few days ago on a beautiful morning like this I discovered a dead kid in the pasture by our house.  He had been killed and partially eaten by coyotes.  It was the first time we’ve ever lost a kid to coyotes here.  Noticing another kid missing, I searched the pasture and found a second victim.

At the time I had our guard dog Joey in a different pasture.  I believed coyotes wouldn’t attack so close to our house.  Of course, that was a fatal error.

So we moved Joey and for now the problem has been solved.   There was some drama out there the first couple of nights but things have calmed down now and everyone is safe.  Of course I still need to get rid of the coyotes for good, but at least for now, Joey is getting the job done.

We have our buck Johnny and his lady friends in a different pasture.  I’m not sure how effective he’d be against coyotes (unless they’re repelled by his smell), but we’ve never had a predator issue there.

The girls in the third pasture have a safe place to stay at night.

It can be very beautiful here early in the morning.

We prefer it without coyotes. 

Love Wins