A Rainy Morning

We had a strong rain yesterday morning, interrupting my planned work in the gardens.  But on the farm, rain doesn’t necessarily mean no work.  It just redirects.

The gravel lane to our house had turned into a river, so I had to muster up my minimally-existent hydro-engineering skills to try to divert the water.  So I spent some time, in the pouring rain, with a mattock making channels to take the water to the ditch.  With some success.

Then I shut a barn stall door, confining a bunch of goats who had taken shelter there.   Goats hate to get wet, so the best time to trim their hooves is when it’s raining.  Not only are they much easier to catch then, but the rain calms them.  So the rainstorm gave me the opportunity to trim some hooves.

Angie, Sarah, Sheena, Kelly and a bunch of kids.

Eventually it stopped raining, enabling me to get on with more conventional chores.

All the rain we’ve had lately (well over seven inches) has been a much-needed blessing.  Now all the pastures and fields are lush with grass–which means all the bushhogging I did in the last few weeks will probably need to be re-done.  But after this summer’s drought, that is a very nice problem to have.

Love Wins