Being Hungry

In much of the world, folks wake up every morning unsure of whether they’ll have anything to eat that day.  They often wake up with that feeling, having had nothing to eat the day before. 

Our friends Matt and Ben, of the Grace and Main Fellowship in Danville, Virginia, are living for a month eating only food that is given to them.  In order to better appreciate what it is like to be unable to do so, they are not buying any food and they are going through their days unsure of where and when they will have their next meal.  They will also experience what it is like to beg from strangers.

These two guys are dedicated servants of the poor in the inner city of Danville.  They are walking an inspiring walk.

Imagine waking up hungry and unsure where your next meal will come from.  Imagine having to rely on begging. 

Matt and Ben aren’t having to imagine what that is like.  They’re going to know.

Grace and Main is exploring a good way of following Jesus and is facilitating conversations that can make the world a better place. 

May their tribe increase.

Love Wins