Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made the news recently when it became known that he has decided to only eat the meat of animals he killed personally.  Of course the notion of personally slaughtering the animals we eat is horrifying to the vast majority of Americans these days, even as the amount of meat we eat continues to skyrocket, along with our weights.

In response to the howls of protest of his “barbarity” and “inhumanity,” Mr. Zuckerberg explained:

“I started thinking about this last year when I had a pig roast at my house. A bunch of people told me that even though they loved eating pork, they really didn’t want to think about the fact that the pig used to be alive.

“That just seemed irresponsible to me. I don’t have an issue with anything people choose to eat, but I do think they should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than trying to ignore where it came from.