Morning Chores

The first thing I do every morning after letting the chickens out is give the goats a little sweet feed.  Often they wait around the barn in expectation.

This morning was especially beautiful. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

Then I check on the gardens.

We’re still getting lots of okra. 


Okra is an amazing plant.  It is extremely prolific and very easy to tend.  No pests bother it and it grows great in hot, dry conditions.  For anyone who wants to start gardening but is convinced they can’t do it, grow okra.  It’s almost impossible to mess up.  You will need to pick it everyday, however.  The pods get woody if they’re allowed to grow too large and it grows very fast.

Okra is originally from Africa and (like blackeyed peas) came to the American South with African slaves.  The African word for okra is “gumbo” and that is still the name by which it is called in Haiti.  It is highly nutritious (it is a particularly excellent source of vitamin C) and low in calories.

Best of all, it is one of the great tastes of southern summertime.

Love Wins

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