Spinach fail (so far).

Last year I planted spinach for the first time.  It didn’t come up.

This year I planted it again.  So far, nothing.

If any of you know anything about growing spinach, please feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong.  I broadcast the seed on tilled ground on 9/1–the same day I planted our turnip greens, mustard greens and kale.  I watered the garden immediately after planting.  So far I’m getting plenty of grass and weeds, but no spinach.

The broccoli is looking good

But one of the beauties of diversified farming/gardening is that we aren’t dependent upon a single crop.  Every year it seems something doesn’t do well.  Last year we lost all our cabbage to cabbage worms.  This year the sweet peppers have barely produced.  And maybe we won’t have any spinach.  But this year, like every year, for everything that doesn’t produce, there are bumper crops in other things.  Our gardens have done very well this year and we’ll manage just fine, spinach or no spinach.

It’s all good.

Love Wins