We’re thankful for the rain.  It’s been months since we had a decent soaking and the drought was ruining our pastures.  I’ve been worried that I didn’t put up enough hay to get us through the winter.  But in the past couple of days we’ve had about two inches of rain and the timing was perfect.  Now the fall grasses should erupt and we should have plenty of forage till winter.  The rain was a great relief to farms in this community and reminds us that the remants of tropical storms can kill droughts.

I’m also thankful for little reminders of the beauties we so often miss.  On my way to check on the goats this morning, I came across this fellow.

A beauty, isn’t he?

I’m also thankful for happy kids,…

…for free-ranging hens,…

…and for a steaming compost pile.

Love Wins

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