A quiet time

We could’ve used a good drenching, but all we got from Hurricane Irene was a mere one-tenth of an inch of rain.  Fortunately, on the other hand, we didn’t get much wind either.  A few small branches seem to be all we lost.

I planted green beans in the raised beds. These look great.

It’s a quiet time in the gardens.  Other than a few tomatoes, a little okra and a little eggplant, they’re either done for the year or cranking up for the Fall.  We tilled up most of the squash and cucumbers and sowed clover as a cover crop.  We sowed clover in the garden that gave us potatoes this year as well.

Unfortunately something (probably a deer) ate this plant

Over the next week we’ll be planting the Fall greens.  I’m looking forward to enjoying my first bowl of them.

Beneath these vines, lots of delicious sweet potatoes are growing

It’s a fine time of the year.

Love Wins