Food Atlas

The USDA’s Food Atlas site has a lot of interesting information.  Check it out here:

Our farm is in Pittsylvania County Virginia.   Our community is sitting on some of the best farm land on the planet.  It is very easy to grow an abundance of excellent food here.  For those who won’t (or can’t) grow their own, there is plenty of top quality food available from local farms.

Sadly, however, and despite being among the poorest counties in the country, we are near the top in fast food expenditures per capita.  We spend hundreds of dollars per year per capita to buy and eat the worst possible food imaginable.  As if that weren’t enough, we are in the upper tier in soft drink consumption, sweet snack consumption, and processed food consumption.  So, unsurprisingly I guess, we are also near the top in adult diabetes and adult obesity.  We are literally killing ourselves with our food choices.

This is not a food wasteland.  It is as easy to eat quality food here (and thereby stay healthy) as almost any place in the country.  Yet, we don’t.  We eat crap from fast-food joints and we destroy our health.  It’s like a man drowning when there is a life saver floating right next to him, which he refuses to grab.

I can only hope that the winds will change and my community, and those like it around the country, will stop its self-destructive behavior and begin to take advantage of the blessings that come with the wonderful farm land of our area.

Love Wins