Sometimes its hard for me to accept the changes that the passage of time bring.  Today we’re taking Peyton to school to begin her junior year.  Her junior year?  It seems like just yesterday that she was a little girl playing with beanie babies and asking for monkey back rides.  Now she’s a young woman on the back side of a college degree. 

I used to dread and fear getting older.  But the truth of the matter is, the changes I expected in myself have been far less significant than I had supposed they’d be. 

It is the changes that have occurred in others that have bothered me the most.  Those who were old when I was young now bear the weight of many more years, or they have passed on.  And those who were children when I was a young adult, are now young adults themselves.  Some are entering middle age.  Time didn’t freeze for them either.

However much as I might have liked Peyton to stay nine years old, she didn’t.  So I celebrate her at 19.  And based on how I feel today, I expect that ten years from now I’ll miss her at 19, just as I will celebrate her then at 29.

We’re in seasons too I suppose.  I’m entering Fall.  My leaves are starting to change.

Peyton is in early summer, with an abundant harvest of life on the way.

Love Wins