I’m not a vegetarian, but my wife and daughter are.  But because I don’t eat meat that didn’t come from this farm, I often feel like a de facto vegetarian when I’m not at home.

Over the past few years I’ve had some interesting conversations with folks about vegetarianism.  I’ve yet to cross paths with some radical carnivore-hating vegan, but I’ve had several encounters with people who insist that it is unnatural, unhealthy and even “unbiblical” to refrain from eating meat.

The weird anti-vegetarian bias, especially from Christians, is a little hard for me to understand.

According to the Biblical creation story, God originally gave humans plants, and plants only, as their food.  It was only after the Flood that God permitted humans to eat the flesh of other animals.  In God’s original perfect creation, as he intended it, we were to be vegetarian (along with every other animal).  And the Biblical vision of God’s totally redeemed and restored creation (heaven, if you please) reveals that creatures will no longer eat the flesh of one another, but shall all once again be vegetarian.

So it seems that in God’s perfect creation we are meant to be vegetarian.  In our fallen sin-soaked world, however, many of us consume the flesh of other creatures.  But surely we should see that there is nothing weird and certainly nothing impious or “unbiblical” about choosing to be vegetarian.

So I wish God’s blessings on vegetarians.  May their tribe increase.

Love Wins