Over one half of Americans are addicted to some substance or destructive behavior. 

I read that stat recently and it blew my mind.  Over half of us are addicts.

Why is this?  Is it because self control seems to no longer be considered a virtue?  Is it a function of our affluent society?  Are we unable to restrain our desires because it has become so easy to satisfy them?  Is it because we have chosen to label certain destructive  behaviors as “addiction” and not others?  Is it because of ignorance?  Despair?  The alienation that our society produces?  Is it just a product of a general loss of respect for virtue? 

Is addiction a product of too much freedom?  Has the freedom to be an addict created an epidemic of slavery to base desires?

Or might the problem be a failure to appreciate that true freedom includes self-imposed restraint and moderation?

Whatever the reasons, we cannot long survive as a society of addicts.

May we snap out it, before it is too late.

Love Wins