Time to Get Going

For the first time ever, I really feel free now to do a lot of the things here that I’ve wanted to do, but didn’t have the time for.  For starters, I’m going to try to find a way to market our produce more effectively.  Our plan is to first provide for our families, then donate everything we harvest one day a week to God’s Storehouse, then try to sell the rest.  I would truly love to see our community return to eating good naturally-produced food.  In my ultimate food fantasy so much food would be produced in this community that folks would stop buying the industrial supermarket food altogether, and the fast food restaurants would all go out of business. 

But at a minimum I want to help give folks the option of feeding their family with fresh locally grown food, which has never been sprayed with any poison.

Soon I’ll be reactivating our website and hopefully rolling out info on where and when our food will be available.  I also hope to have a facebook page for the farm soon.

Stay tuned…

Love Wins

One comment on “Time to Get Going

  1. JoanieD says:

    I hope you do well with marketing your farm products. I love the look of your farm and everything looks so lush.

    This is website where a bunch of farms in my part of Maine sell to the public in various places and will also deliver products to some towns. So far, I have just been going to the farm markets directly and buying things, because I am concerned that if I order through the website and then have to be at a place at certain time to pick them up, I will forget! Or, if they are delivered to my home, I have to remember to be home. As you can probably guess, my memory is not the best!


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