Hello August

It’s been a hot and dry Summer, but our gardens have all done surprisingly well.  The squash bugs are starting to get the upper hand, but we’ve put away all we need for the winter and had plenty left to give away.  Everyday I’m bringing in more produce than we know what do with, all grown naturally and organically.  Unfortunately we didn’t end up making it to the Farmer’s Market this year.  Once I finish transitioning out of my law practice, hopefully I can come up with a plan that will help us get more good food out into our community.  That will be a priority for me.

Our Summer kidding season went very well and we have lots of happy healthy kids running around.  I’ve never had much luck getting the nannies to kid in the Summer, but this year was an exception.  We only had two who turned out to be not pregnant.

The peas look really good and we’re clearly going to have a bumper crop.

And we’re eating lots of delicious garden-fresh food.

Yay Summer.

Love Wins