Taking Stock

This is just a really bad time of the year to be away from the farm.  Even though our friends kept things from getting completely out of control in our absence, it all looked a bit overwhelming when we returned.

Our original goat, Esmeralda, kidded while we were gone (along with some others).  Esme is such an old pro now that no one noticed she had kidded.  Fortunately her little doeling, who we named Norma Jean, is healthy and spunky.   And now our herd has grown to 48.

We have LOTS of tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, squash, green beans and blackberries to pick.  The onions are ready to be taken down, the corn is ready to pick and the peas need weeding.  Sometimes it just seems like too much to handle, but it always seems to get done.

On a down note, the deer ate the beans in the raised beds and one of our hives of bees is gone.

Whenever I feel stressed by how much there is to do, I just take a deep breath and give thanks for home.

Love Wins

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