Wrapping Up

I’m wrapping up a week of class in Wilmore, Kentucky.  Yesterday we visited and toured a large organic/biodynamic farm near Louisville.  It was an impressive place, but I was very pleased with how White Flint would compare.  I can honestly say that our vegetables and pastures are superior to theirs.  Yet they’re getting premium prices–because they are in an affluent community and because their well-informed customer base is willing to pay a premium for good healthy food.  I came away inspired to do better integrating our farm into our local economy.

Earlier this week we spent a lot of time visiting and discussing conventional farming operations.   And I spent a lot of time biting my tongue.  But we did also visit a good farmer who is managing to keep a diversified, tobacco-based farm going, mostly the old fashioned way.  Folks like him won’t be able to hold on much longer, which is a sad fact.  

We also visited a high-end single batch bourbon facility and the Ashford Stud farm.  Both (especially Ashford Stud) are extravagantly decorated and very expensively landscaped.  Both (especially Ashford Stud) cater to the vanity of the wealthy.  Ashford Stud has a stallion they bought for $60 million.   The fee to breed a mare to him is $85,000.  The whole place was just obscene.

Today we’ll be visiting and touring a coal mine.  I’m looking forward to that, having never seen a coal mine before.

And I’m looking forward to being home soon.

Love Wins