When Jay Bakker was speaking at Wild Goose and the subject of forgiveness came up, he said something that has really stuck with me.  It was true and I think it probably convicted a lot of us on the spot.

He said something like:

“Don’t forget, I’m a Bakker.  I know what you all thought about what happened to my family.  You were saying, ‘They had it coming.'”

Then, after an awkward pause, he said, “But I came over to your side anyway.”

Personally I don’t remember taking much interest in the flameout of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, but whatever my reaction was I’m sure it was something like, “they had it coming.”  I am certain I never thought about their children or considered whether my reaction left me with something for which I needed to be forgiven.

Resolved:  I will try hard to take no personal satisfaction in the failings of others, regardless of who they are.

Love Wins