Religious Squabbling

How dreadful and how innumerable are the contests which have arisen about religion. And not only among the children of this world, but even among the children of God.  How many of these, in all ages, instead of turning against the common enemy, have turned their weapons against each other, and so not only wasted their precious time, but hurt one another’s spirits, weakened each other’s hands, and so hindered the work of their common Master! How many of the weak have hereby been offended! How many sinners confirmed in their disregard of religion, and their contempt of those who profess it!

Men may differ from us in their opinions, as well as their expressions, and nevertheless be partakers with us of the same precious faith.  Why should you condemn all who do not speak just as you do?  Where is our religion if we cannot think and let think? 

John Wesley 1765

Love Wins