Poplar Theology

I was sitting next to our pond very early one morning recently, on the lookout for our nemesis beaver.  While waiting to see if he was going to show himself (he never did) I was pondering some theological puzzle.

After a while it dawned on me that I was being stupid.  Instead of trying to figure out God in my mind, I should be enjoying his presence all around me in nature.

I was facing the pond, with my back to the woods.   “Do you want to know what God is like?,” I asked myself.  “Then you should look around you.”

When I turned to look behind me, here is what I saw.

I’d never noticed that poplar tree before. 

I had to laugh. 

This is what God is like? 

So is it one tree or three? 

The answer, I think, is yes.

Love Wins


One comment on “Poplar Theology

  1. Andrew says:

    Well said. I spent many a year trying to figure out God “correctly”. I am at a similar place of just enjoying the life and world that, I choose to believe, God inhabits.


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