A few post-Wild Goose thoughts

These are two of my favorite pictures from Wild Goose.  I have a bunch more (though nothing special) on facebook.  Out here in the country we don’t have high speed internet so it would take me hours to try to load more.  For any interested, just send me (Bill Guerrant) a friend request on facebook.  The album is also linked to the Wild Goose facebook page so you can see it by friending Wild Goose.

The event was truly amazing.  There were multiple overlapping sessions which made it impossible to see all the speakers and hear all the music.  And the sessions started at 9 a.m. and went till after midnight.  Old folks like us just couldn’t handle a schedule like it.  Our cup ran over.

We were able to meet and interact with some of our heroes.  And we met a lot of great people, whose passion for justice and faith was really inspiring.

All the speakers and artists at Wild Goose waived their fees.  Everyone there was sharing for free.

I’m going to blog separately about some of the individual sessions we attended, but in the meantime, check out this partial list of the people we heard:

Richard Twiss on colonialism and alternative (Native American) perspectives of spiritual and Biblical reality.
Nadia Bolz-Weber leading a discussion on the nature of authority.
The Psalters
Michelle Shocked
Christine Sine on gardening and spirituality.

Lynne Hybels leading a discussion on justice in Palestine.

Margot Starbuck on how advertisers manipulate the self-image of women.

Tony Campolo on Red Letter Christianity.
John Dear on radical nonviolence and civil disobedience.
Phyllis Tickle on the Great Emergence.
Abdullah Antepli on the Christian-Muslim conversation.
Diana Butler Bass leading a discussion on resistance to change.
Derek Webb
Mike Myhrom on voluntary simplicity.
Frank Schaeffer on his new book and on surviving fundamentalism.
Brian McClaren talking about his books and leading a discussion on the critical issues facing the next generation.

Jim Wallis on the idolotry of politics.
Ed Dobson telling his story and discussing how to live while facing death.

Jennifer Knapp (I got one of her picks but it hasn’t improved my guitar playing).
Shane Claiborne on radical grace.
Linda Alvarez on the nonviolent practice of law.
Jay Bakker leading a discussion on why churches tend to exclude LGBT issues when addressing social justice.
Beth Neilsen Chapman
Tony Jones leading a discussion on whether prayer matters.

Sean Gladding on narrative theology.

Brian McClaren preaching on (and re-framing) Acts 16.

And much more.

I’ll be processing this for a long time.

We can hardly wait for Wild Goose 2012.

Love Wins

3 comments on “A few post-Wild Goose thoughts

  1. JoanieD says:

    Wow, those discussions sound great! Wish I could have been there.


  2. Hi thanks for the good WG report! Me too! See you next year. Best, Frank


  3. joeywahoo says:

    Joanie: You should definitely make plans to attend next year. I can’t recommend it highly enough. A truly amazing experience.

    Frank: Your talk was awesome. Been thinking about it a lot. peace


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