Walking the walk

I’m guilty of spending too much time thinking, reading, writing and talking about my faith, and not enough time living it.  This becomes most obvious to me when I compare my life to those of folks who walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk.

Folks like Brenda Sapp and the other missionaries at Danita’s Children, for example.  They willingly walked away from comfortable stateside lives to serve the “least of these” in Haiti.

My wife Cherie is another example.  She devotes herself to helping the hungry, the orphaned, the abused, the victims of war, the imprisoned and the needy.  And not because she’s trying to earn her way to heaven or win any religious prize.  But just because it’s what her heart tells her to do.  She does things.  She doesn’t just talk about them.

Our friend Carrie is another inspiration to me.  She has a big heart and she is a person who lives her faith.  Last year at Christmas she organized something she called “Lose it so they can gain it.”  She and others raised money for the hungry in Haiti by losing weight during the Christmas season.  At a time many people feast and fatten themselves, she led others in doing just the opposite.  They raised a lot of money to feed children who would otherwise go hungry. 

But most amazingly, Carrie and her husband took in a little boy who was born to a crack-addicted mother.  The boy was born prematurely and had serious health issues.  Whether he would live was uncertain.  Carrie and her husband already have a biological son, a fine boy of whom they should be very proud.  But they opened their hearts and homes to another boy, of a different race, and they went through the expensive and emotionally wrenching ordeal of adopting him. 

Recently we attended the celebration of his adoption.  It was heartwarming to see that our friends not only had taken this little boy as their own child, but they have intentionally kept his biological family in his life too.  When we first met the boy he was breathing through an oxygen tube and unable to hold himself up.  Now he is a beautiful spunky lad.

His name is Christian.

Love Wins