Hunting versus Fishing

I hunt and fish.  I’m not very good at either, and I don’t particularly enjoy either.  But as a farmitarian, game and fish are important parts of my diet and hunting and fishing are necessary to my lifestyle.

Recently I was fishing with my son and he made a very interesting point.  He said that when hunting we are preying upon some harmless herbivore, minding its own business and hurting no one.  When fishing, on the other hand, we are catching vicious predators.  He said the hunting equivalent of fishing would be if we set out a piece of raw meat, staked up a live animal, or set out a decoy animal, then shot whatever came to eat it.

I’d never really thought about the fact that when we catch a fish it believed it was about to eat a worm, insect, or minnow.  When we fish, we prey on predators.

I still dislike cleaning fish, but his observation does put the whole thing in a different light.

Love Wins