Religion is good for you

According to the Gallup organization, being religious is good for you.  In fact, “religious” people on average excercise more and have a healthier diet than “non-religious” people.  They are also significantly less likely to smoke and make other poor lifestyle choices.  The study showed that those who are “very religious” make healthier decisions than those who are “moderately religious.”  It seems that the more religious one is, the more likely he or she is to excercise regularly, eat healthy foods and have a healthy lifestyle.  The most likely reason for the correlation, the study concludes, is that “Those who capitalize on the social and moral outcomes of religious norms and acts are more likely to lead lives filled with healthier choices.”  You can read more about the study HERE.

Gallup had previously determined that religious people have less stress and worry than those who are not religious (see that conclusion HERE) and that the overall well-being of religious people is better than that of the non-religious (see that conclusion HERE).

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