May Days

Everything’s planted.  For now.

We just planted our tomatoes, eggplant, okra, cantaloupes, peppers, snap beans, zuchinni, squash and cucumbers.  The English peas are blooming and should be ready to pick soon.   Radishes are in.  Asparagus is winding down.  We’ll probably stop picking it this weekend.  We have onions, sweet corn, garlic, carrots, mustard greens and swiss chard on the way. 

We have a few hens sitting.  That’s Momma in the photo, taking her chicks for a walk.   The hens who aren’t broody are giving us about 30 eggs a day.

We just added two beehives to replace the two we lost.  The bees have settled in it seems.  They’ll help pollinate the gardens and, hopefully, give us some honey this year.

Cherie is still bottle-feeding Maggie’s kid Iris.  I should not have allowed Maggie to breed and she will definitely be retired after Iris.  The kid is frustrating at times, but we think she’ll make it.  And be very spoiled no doubt.

Four of our young does (Barbie, Blondie, Ramona and Sharona) are due to kid in the next few weeks.  It will be their first kiddings.  I’ll always remember the day those four were born.   The post I did about it is HERE.

We’re still trying to rid the pond of Osama Bin Beaver.  Every night he barricades our drainage pipe and every day we bust it up.  Reminds me of a scene from Apocalypse Now.

All the spring rain has been great for the grass, so we’re bushhogging fields and pastures.  We’ll probably get up the hay next week.

So it’s a busy and productive time on White Flint Farm.  We like it that way.

Love Wins