Being Generous

If you are consuming as much as you produce, it is not possible to be generous.  You have already to chosen to consume (keep for yourself) everything you might otherwise share with others. 

If you are consuming more than you produce–that is, if you are in debt–then it is not possible to be generous.  You have already chosen to consume (keep for yourself) everything given to you, and more.  After consuming everything you produced, you have even chosen to trade your future labor for even more immediate consumption.  

If you are giving money to charity, while going deeper into debt, you are not being generous.  The money you are giving is borrowed from others, who have produced more than they consumed.  It is not your money you are giving away.

The first step towards true generosity is to consume less than we produce.  Only then will we have surplus to give to those in need. 

And if we’re carrying balances on credit cards while “giving” to charity, then we’re not being generous. 

Debt enslaves us in many ways.  One of the most vicious ways, is by stealing our ability to be generous.

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