Backyard chickens

Just a few years ago anyone who kept chickens in their backyard would have been considered weird by the vast majority of Americans.  What was once normal and commonplace, had been abnormal, unusual and often even illegal.  But lately the tide has turned, dramatically.  The number of folks keeping chickens has surged in the last couple of years, and the movement is still gaining momentum.  All over America municipal ordinances forbidding the keeping of chickens are being repealed.   Backyard chickens are returning to America.

When we moved back to the farm eight years ago, I couldn’t find a prefab chicken coop anywhere.  I bought a book with  building plans and I got quotes from a contractor (being incompetent to do it myself).  Eventually I bought a portable storage building and converted it into a coop.  We have 45 chickens living happily in it today.

But now there are lots of places selling coops, mainly the portable kind that can house a few chickens and be easily moved around in a backyard.  Folks have discovered what I’ve been saying on this blog for years:  chickens are easy to keep and once you’ve had eggs from naturally raised hens you won’t ever want to eat the factory version again.

It seems that yardbirds are in style.  Now it’s hip to have chickens in your yard.  Cool.

Love Wins