Our culture is obsessed with violence.  We entertain ourselves by watching violence.  Our children entertain themselves by watching violence.  With violent video games we can play out fantasies of murder.  We enjoy watching brutal violence like “ultimate fighting.”

Studies show that children see approximately 16,000 murders on television by the time they turn 18.  Neither we nor our children are horrified or nauseated by this.  It is just no big deal.  Depictions of violence, murder and killing are not considered obscene or pornographic by our culture.  We would freak out at the sight of a woman’s nipple on television, but munch popcorn with our children as we watch murders.

Aliens observing our behavior would no doubt find this bizarre and evidence of our lack of moral development.

I wonder if we shouldn’t check our guts–and our moral compasses–the next time we’re entertaining ourselves with violence and murder.

Love Wins