Returning Nature to its Proper Place

On the basis of the fact that there is going to be total redemption in the future, not only of man but of all creation, the Christian who believes the Bible should be the man who—with God’s help and in the power of the Holy Spirit—is treating nature now in the direction of the way nature will be then.  It will not now be perfect, but it must be substantial, or we have missed our calling.  God’s calling to the Christian now, and to the Christian community, in the area of nature—just as it is in the area of personal Christian living in true spirituality—is that we should exhibit a substantial healing here and now, between man and nature and nature and itself, as far as Christians can bring it to pass.

In Novum Organon Francis Bacon wrote this: “Man by the Fall fell at the same time from his state of innocency and from his dominion over nature.  Both of these losses, however, even in this life, can in some part be repaired; the former by religion and faith, the later by the arts and sciences.”  It is a tragedy that the Church, including the orthodox, evangelical Church, has not always remembered that.  Here, in this present life, it is possible for the Christian to have some share, through sciences and the arts, in returning nature to its proper place.

Francis Schaeffer, from Pollution and the Death of Man

hat-tip to The Wonder of Creation

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