April on the Farm

The onions in the raised beds look great.

The garlic is up.  This garden also has radishes, carrots, more onions, swiss chard and mustard greens, all on the way.

Suzy’s kid Betsy, enjoying an afternoon snack.

Maggie is due any day now.  From the size of her, I’m guessing triplets.

Dee Dee the rooster, out for a stroll with one of his ladies.

Beavers have clogged the drain pipe from our pond.  It will be a very expensive problem to fix I’m afraid.

We have beaucoup asparagus.

The apple trees are in bloom.

A good afternoon for a wagon ride.

Or for hanging upside down on the gate.

Judy and her twin bucklings.

The peas and potatoes are planted and the summer gardens are waiting.

All is good.

Love Wins