The Dude Abides

I encourage y’all to go read Cathleen Falsani’s interview of Rob Bell, which is HERE.

Here is an excerpt:

I begin with the world that we live in right now and the simple observation that we can choose heaven and hell right now. I see lots of hell around me all the time. We all do. From greed to abuse to rape to genocide to exploitation of people who are vulnerable, we see this around us all the time.

And then I see people choosing peace and joy all the time, and experiencing extraordinary peace that transcends anything you can get your mind around. I’ve sat with people who are days away from dying of cancer and they are connected with a peace and a joy that is so extraordinarily real it’s almost like you can see it in the room.

So I begin there. I begin with this life, with what we see around us and I begin that way because that’s how Jesus talked. He talked about realities that are right here right now. And so my assumption is that love wins. Love creates freedom. Love always demands freedom. And so we are free to choose. And this freedom has consequences. You can resist and reject this love, both in your own experience of it and in the ways in which you refuse to extend it to others, and you can receive it and pass it on to others, which seems to me to be the center of what Jesus keeps bringing up. ‘Love God. Love others.’

So love demands freedom. Freedom has consequences and then it also creates all sorts of possibilities. And so my experience has been that the love of God that Jesus came to give us and show us and teach us about, when you say yes to it, all sorts of things happen that you could never have dreamed up on your own.

Love Wins