The good and the bad.

The garlic has been loving the mild weather and is now coming in strong.  I’d been worried about it, since I’m used to it coming up in the fall.  But last year we planted later than I have in the past and it waited till now to come up.  I love growing our own garlic.  It is easy to grow, nothing bothers it and it requires no effort to preserve it after harvesting.  And homegrown garlic is superior to the store-bought kind to boot.  Even for those who insist they have no green thumb, it’s very hard to mess up with garlic.   Just take the cloves and poke them into the soil in the fall (pointy end up).   Ideally, put a little straw over them.  Then wait till early summer of the following year (when the tops start to wither) and dig them up.  Let the bulbs dry out for a few days, then put them in pantry and you’re done.  

Unfortunately not everything brought out by the warm weather has been good for the farm.  The beaver who has taken up residence in our pond has been hard at work lately, gnawing down lots of trees.  I went to down the pond last night to have a talk with him, but he didn’t show up.

While I was waiting for him, a couple of geese flew in, honking loudly.  They didn’t notice me and flew straight in at me and did their crash landings in the water, all the while honking away.  It was really a neat thing to see and hear.  It made for a very pleasant dusk.

Love Wins


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