Old Dog, New Tricks

At age 50, I’m trying to learn to play guitar.  I may eventually manage to learn to plunk out a few songs.  That’s my hope.  But it’s very unlikely I’ll ever learn to play very well.

For about 30 years I’ve wished I could play.  And for 30 years I never did anything to try to make that wish come true.  Why not?  Did I not have any time over the last 30 years that I could’ve spent with a guitar?

Of course the truth is that I’ve wasted countless hours during those three decades doing pointless things.  Had I invested just a tiny fraction of those hours learning to play guitar I’d be very good at it by now.

I’m about half way through earning my masters degree.  If I stick with it, I’ll have it done in a couple of years.  But why did I wait so long to start?  If I’d started ten or fifteen years ago I’d be done by now.  I might even have a Ph.D.

I reckon it’s better to start things like that late, than not to ever start them at all.  Still, here’s some advice from an old dog trying to learn some new tricks:  don’t delay.  Time can be a thief.

Love Wins