A taste of spring

We’ve been having some amazing weather lately.  It’s been warm and dry at a time of year when cold and wet is the norm.  Thanks to the great weather we were able to get a jump on our early season gardening.

We planted lots of onions.  Way more than I’ve ever planted before.  We’re raising them in our raised beds this year and I’m optimistic that they are going to do very well.

We cleaned out our henhouse and spread the litter in the summer gardens.  Cleaning the henhouse is one of the hardest, nastiest jobs of the year on the farm, but the chicken litter is a principal fertilizer for us. 

We spread compost on the other gardens.  We make our own compost on the farm and it too is essential to our soil nutrition.

We got all the gardens tilled and would have been able to plant our English peas, had the rotary tiller not broken.  That brought us to a complete halt while we’re waiting for the welder to come fix it.  At any given time there is always something broken down on the farm.  That’s just part of the life.  Hopefully we’ll be back up and running soon.

We decided to bring back our strawberries, so we cleared and tilled a garden for them too.

The garlic is coming up now, and looking good.

All but one of the nannies due in February have given birth.  Sadly, we lost some kids.  I have no idea why.  But the good news is that we have a bunch of healthy happy babies frolicing in the barn pasture.

The hens know spring is coming and they’ve cranked up the egg production.  We don’t need to scrimp on eggs any more.

No doubt we’ll have at least one more winter blast before the real spring arrives.  But we’ve been enjoying our little taste of what is to come.

Love Wins