Things are relaxed on the farm in the winter.  Sure there can be intense times, like when goats kid in snowstorms, but usually the pace is easy.  The days are short and nothing is growing.

My usual rotation of chores, which I’m lucky to finish in a week in the summer, sometimes can be done in two short winter days.  Sunrise is late and sunset is early, so it’s OK to sleep a little later and there’s time to read at night.

The relaxed schedule also gives us time to take care of things we just don’t have time to do any other time of the year.  Yesterday, for example, we walked the perimeter of the farm and re-marked some of the boundary lines.  Then we spent some time cutting old rusty fences out of trees in the woods, then dragging the wire (and various other junk we found there) out to be hauled off.

And as I look out over the pasture, where Rowan and his goat friends are grazing, I don’t worry at all about whether it needs mowing.

It’s all good.

Love Wins


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