Winter Kidding

Winter kidding season can be tough.  Last year during our brutally cold and snowy winter we lost 8 kids and a nanny.  That’s not normal of course.  But with this year starting out even colder and snowier than last year, we’ve been worried about how our goats will do.

One of them kidded on New Year’s Day and it went very well.  She had healthy twins who are now frolicing in the pature.  But while we were in Haiti one of our biggest and best looking nannies lost both her kids.  It may have had nothing to do with the weather, but it worried us nevertheless. 

So what a relief it was today when our good nanny Sheena delivered healthy twins.  It’s freezing cold and there is still snow on the ground, but the babies seem fine and are spending the night in a warm stall.

We have one more mama due this month, then a bunch in February.

Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing and we’ll have a pasture full of little goats soon.

Love Wins