Some things we saw in Haiti…

Our trip deserves a much better post than this, but for now here are some the things we saw in Haiti.  I’ll try to put photos up later either here or on facebook (Bill Guerrant, for those who want to “friend” me there).

**At the border, a flat bed truck filled with Haitians and a few Dominican soldiers with M-16s. 

**On the Haitian side, long lines of Haitians waiting to seek permission to cross into the D.R.

**Karris, an incredible young woman who walked away from a comfortable life in the U.S. to serve children in Haiti.  She is graceful and poised amid chaos and tension.

**The Ideal Hotel, which is far from ideal.  Only a few hours of electricity each day.  No hot water.  Only a sheet and a thin bedspread on the bed.  Filled with aid workers responding to the cholera crisis.  Hard to sleep with the all-night sounds of roosters crowing and dogs fighting.  But the coffee was great.  Luxurious by Haitian standards.

**The hospital under construction at Danita’s.  Concrete blocks being pulled up by pulley (by hand), one at a time.

**A school full of happy Haitian children, who stand at attention when we enter their class rooms.  They sing for us.

**The children from Port-au-Prince who we’d never met before, but whose stories were followed by so many of us:  Johnny, Katiana, Lonique, Josiah, Marie Joy and others.

**Evenson, whose big smile brought Cherie to tears again.

**Robenson, who can no longer really be called a child.

**Junette, Michelson, Thiery, Jocelyn, Tabitha, Lubenson, and the rest of the orphans.  Amazing children, who exude love.

**Hernz, who remembered us, and whose presence always made us feel safe.

**Jude, an almost unbelievably fine young man.

**Our new friend Jen, a missionary who (like me) gets excited talking about composting.  She has started a rooftop garden that promises to be awesome.  She was great company.

**Baker Joe, a Haitian boulongier, who doubles as an organic gardener.

**”Special needs” children—Jean, Denise and others, who get love and care that is usually not available to them in Haiti.

**A really incredible birthday party for a really incredible woman.

**Missionary Brittany, who has been one of our heroes since we met her, and Missionary Maya, who we met for the first time, and who now is one of our heroes too (and who took time away from important work to shepherd us back across the border).

**big smiles on our faces when we learned that Loveka is being adopted by a Dominican family.

**Devotions at bedtime in the church-turned-dormitory.

**Our truly wonderful friend Emily, who gave us the best part of a day of her life and enriched ours immeasurably.

**Pastor Daniel Paul, who loves his native Haiti and proves it every day. 

**His beautiful and gracious wife Clynnie and their beautiful and precious daughter Dalisse.

**all the girls at the Lambs of God orphanage, each of whom greeted us with a kiss on the cheek and a warm “Bon Swa.”

**Pastor Daniel’s awesome gardens.

**voodoo temples and a voodoo tree, still in use.

**a bountiful grapefruit tree, and Haitian wasp nests.

**an amazing young American family, the Turners, who have stepped out in faith and moved to Ouanaminthe. 

**naked, hungry children, living in quarters that aren’t good enough to be called shacks.

**garbage everywhere, despair in the air.

**little Josiah, who survived the earthquake, and whose mother abandoned him three weeks ago.

**Widlene and her sister Magdalene, who live with their mother and grandmother in a half of a tiny hut in the village.  Widlene is ten, her sister is eleven.  Their mother is skinny and sick.  She looks very very old.  She is probably in her 30s.  Their poverty is beyond words.

**a little boy, recently orphaned, probably about ten years old, looking very nervous and humiliated, asking Danita if he can live here.  One of the most gut-wrenching things I’ve ever seen in my life.

**Jude getting hassled by a Dominican soldier

**being required to wash our hands before being allowed back into the Dominican Republic

**and so much more….

Love Wins