We just helped Peyton get on her flight to Costa Rica, and now we’re waiting to board the flight that will take us to Puerto Plata.  It feels strange to see our little girl off.  Obviously she’s not so little any more. 

Just as we were about to leave yesterday Rhiannon kidded.  She had a little buckling in the far back side of the pasture and we had quite a time trying to get her up to the barn.  But we eventually managed it.  When we saw the afterbirth we knew she was done and we loaded up to get a late start for D.C.  Before hitting the road I decided to check on her one last time.  To my surprise there were two kids in her stall.  I guess what we saw wasn’t afterbirth after all.

Cherie named the little doe Stevie. 

I always feel a little sad leaving the farm.  Yesterday was no exception.  But I left with a smile after a healthy delivery of two new kids.

Love Wins