Hunkering Down

This morning it was 17 degrees out, with a strong wind blowing from the north.  Crazy cold.

We’ve burned way more wood than we normally would have by this time of the year.  I feel for folks who are going to be facing extremely high heating bills this winter, especially with fuel prices going up as the value of the dollar goes down.  More economic hardship to pile on what is already out there.

Once again the chicken’s waterer was frozen solid.  While trying to break the ice I broke the waterer and the block it sits on.  And I found one of the white leghorn chicks dead.  I don’t think the cold killed her.  Sometimes they just die.  But still an upleasant beginning to the day.

I have a ball waterer for the goats in the back pasture and it was frozen too.  It has to get really cold for that to happen.

But back inside where it is reasonably warm I cooked up the last pot of fresh greens for the year.  A couple of days ago I took down the deer fence and picked a bag, knowing they would be the last of this year’s crop.  Now the whole house smells like mustard greens. 

This winter (which technically isn’t even here yet) is starting off a lot like last winter.  Hopefully this bitter cold won’t last and we’ll get back to more normal temperatures.  But either way, we’re hunkering down.

Love Wins

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