Diabetic Nation

According to a recent study, by 2020 over half of Americans will have diabetes or prediabetes. (See a report on this study HERE).  Experts estimate that one in three children born since 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime.  The cumulative cost of this epidemic of diabetes is many trillions of dollars.  Few Americans can actually afford the expense of diabetes, so the cost is spread across the entire nation, these days with borrowing.  Unless something dramatically changes, diabetes will be a principal contributor to the insolvency of our nation and our economic collapse.

The saddest, or most maddening, thing about this disaster is that it is largely caused by our choice of diet.  I realize that diabetics are often just born that way, and can do nothing to prevent the awful disease.  But with respect to this diabetes epidemic, obesity is the major factor causing the increase in diabetes and obesity is almost always caused by overeating. 

Imagine the national outrage if half our population was expected to contract a disease linked specifically to immoral behavior, the economic consequence of which was the ruin of us all.  But because our culture seemingly does not consider gluttony and overconsumption to be moral failure, there is no outrage. 

We have many problems in this country that require difficult complex cures.  This one does not.  We just need to eat less.

Love Wins